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The long wait is finally over!

The Story of Us

1985 marked the beginning of a relationship that seemed to have no future. Despite all odds, we dared to love and dream of a beautiful life together. Our love even became stronger when God blessed us with a wonderful gift, Alvin Jonathan. With Christian and Francis, our life seemed even more complete. But one thing remained unattainable: our official union as husband and wife.

In 1999, our prayers were finally answered. The long-awaited annulment of Raffy's first marriage came through. We were free to realize our dream. Now a year later, the biggest moment finally happens!

Our Big Event

The wedding was set on June 25, 2000. Sunday at 4 p.m. Kentucky, USA. And why Kentucky? We like fried chicken  and we love our family even more. It's the Yllana reunion that only happens every two years. A much-anticipated event that gathers the clan from all over the United States and the Philippines. This year's theme? Two weddings and a reunion. Aside from our wedding,  our niece Giovanna Yllana is getting married to Kenneth Krozel on June 24 at the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption in Covington, Kentucky.  

Our Wedding Pictures


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